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Garden Building for Yoga Studio, Calver, Derbyshire

Finished Work: Garden Yoga Retreat, Derbyshire

Beautiful example of a rustic garden cabin built with a fully insulated timber frame clad with oak feather board. This will turn a fantastic silvery grey in time and will last many years, giving our client a wonderful retreat within their garden to enjoy all year round. The main purpose of this building is to provide a very natural building for a relaxing yoga retreat.

Seating Arbour, Designed and Built, Derbyshire

Finished Work: Seating Arbour for Derbyshire Garden

Images showing the finished bespoke seating arbour we designed and built in our workshops in Tideswell, and then constructed on site in a garden in Derbyshire.

Design and Construction of the Seating Arbour

Images showing the initial design drawing and construction of the seating arbour.

Garden Maintenance

If you’ve already got a fantastic looking garden, but find you don’t have the time to cut the grass or weed the borders, or if it’s just getting a bit too much for you, then we can offer garden maintenance services to help you keep on top of those essential tasks.

Grass cutting services, border weeding, chopping back bushes, lopping tall trees, taking out plants, cutting down trees, repair decking, repair and replace sheds. We can help you keep that garden looking in top notch condition.

And if you need something a bit more, such as a bit of garden landscaping, groundworks or garden design, then you can always ask and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Contact Derbyshire Log Cabins via our secure online form or call us on 07989 747816 or 01629 735005

Planning your garden for a garden building

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Project Management

When you’re undertaking a big project either for the garden, your home, or both, we know that it can take a long time and to get everything organised, and that’s just to get the job started.

When you employ us to carry out work in your home or garden then we can provide you with a complete project management service.  With over 20 years experience, designing and renovating both homes and gardens throughout the Derbyshire Peak District, then we can help reduce the headaches, by taking all the stress off your hands.

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