Timber Garden Art Studio and Potting Shed, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbyshire

Finished Work: Log Cabin for Garden Art Studio

Lovely clients based in Darley Dale near Matlock, Derbyshire. We were given a brief for the possibility of a log cabin to be used for a gareen art studio for their daughter to be able to work from all year round. The build needed plenty of natural light and warm enough to work in throughout the winter months. Having looked at the possible cladding options, they decided to go with oak featherboard with Irish oak upvc windows and doors. The roof lantern helped to give as much natural light as possible. Beautiful finished product with a very satisfied client.

Whilst choosing the art studio, we were also asked if we could provide them with a new potting shed and raised sleeper vegetable beds. We created level ground with geotextile and decorative aggregate. With foundations for a new potting shed as requested. This has made a huge difference for year round gardening for the whole family to enjoy.

Work in progress for the Garden Art Studio

Inside the Log Cabin and Garden Art Studio

These pictures show the roof light, designed to let in maximum light into the cabin.

The Wooden Potting Shed and Veg Beds made from Sleepers.